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Query about Gmail Accounts

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I have a doubt about gmail. At this moment i need to create 2000 gmail accounts with related names i choose. can i use the same id's in future also without any issue from gmail.

2018/09/26 14:40:32
If you are able to create accounts with related names in your browser manually, then you can do this using PVACreator. PVACreator is emulating the online operation, same as how you did all manually.
2018/10/01 10:44:02

So you mean, I can create 2000 gmail accounts manually like normal creation with PVA creator. Here my concern is Generally the limited 2 or 3 gmail accounts i was created 5 to 10 years ago, which are still i am using. Is it same for the PVA creator accounts also. Because i need to use same accounts for long time. And one more is, is it same for the your face book accounts also?

Thank you.

2018/10/02 19:46:33

Yes. If you can meet all required condition.

Which software are you talking about please?

Don't worry, if you have any question for this software. Please contact us for free.

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